Frequently asked questions

What makes these products Eco-Friendly?

Our products are either recyclable or biodegradable. For more information visit the product page and details of each product can be found.

Is the packaging Eco-Friendly?

Absolutely! We ensure our products are dispatched and sent in paper/boxes that are either recycled or recyclable. We ensure the tape we use to secure our parcels is eco-friendly to.

Is there any plastic in any product?

Nope, not a bit! For display purposes we do have our tape and tags packaged in clear bags but these are biodegradable and sourced/made from wood pulp.

How are products displayed/dispatched?

Our products are dispatched with minimum packaging to reduce unwanted waste. If you are purchasing products to display please send a message on the contact page or make a note when purchasing your products. We shall ensure your products are dispatched on the correct packaging so they can be displayed.

We want to ensure all our customers feel confident with what they are purchasing when shopping with us. We have answered some common questions regarding our eco-friendly products. Let us put your mind at rest and reassure you our products are either recyclable/biodegradable or both.