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The Background.......

Hi, I’m Mercede but everyone calls me Cede (pronounced Sadie) I know confusing right?! Who doesn’t like being different?

I started Eco-Wrap back in 2018 when I see a video about wrapping paper and how a vast majority of it could not be recycled. After looking online, I ordered some recyclable wrapping paper only to find when it was delivered it was 2 sheets 50cm x 70xm…… I could not even wrap a shoe box, so Eco-Wrap was born.

Now July 2021 Eco-Wrap has expanded and runs smoothly with the help of Jen and Aimme. Jen’s the Operations Administrator who over sees the business side of things such as the website and accounts. Aimee joined us for the summer and she’s supporting us with social media content and helps around the office. I’m super proud of the business, the fact we have survived the pandemic and have been able to generate vacancies for the local community.

My background is in retail, I started when I was 16 in Evans (RIP ARCADIA) those days were mega fun and we got up to all sorts. I spent many years at Arcadia before going to New Look. Both businesses shaped who I am as a retailer and allowed me to understand how to run my own business.

I have 2 children and wanted to ensure I worked around them, one thing we don’t do here at Eco-Wrap HQ is work WEEKENDS! So long fair well! Those days are over, and I feel so happy not being trapped in what felt like the never-ending cycle of Saturday Trade. Although don’t get me wrong it’s hard work and sometimes work takes over but I can always drop what I’m doing for my children, and I love that flexibility.

Since starting Eco-Wrap and networking sometimes I hear ‘what would be in your little black book for starting up a business’ which got me thinking & that’s why we added the blog. The next blog we will go through the Little Black Book of Business Start Ups for you to read & share.

Cede x

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