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Where do you start?

I was thinking about all the things a new business needs and there is so much to cover, but there are some key basics which are sometimes overlooked but so incredibly important. Everyone who puts their mind to it can absolutely run their own business, but it does take sheer grit, determination, and motivation in bucket loads.

  • Find out what type of person you are. Sounds simple but self-evaluation and awareness is difficult to get your head round and therefore put into practice. Lots can be accessed online, so finding your learning and leadership type can be useful. Simple things like ‘I’m a night owl’ can be used to your advantage because starting out means a lot of hours, so working to your natural flow makes it more effective. I’m more a 4amer, once out of bed (5 snooze buttons later) I can be super productive & gets lots done before everyone else wakes up.

  • Are you a planner or do you wing it? Either are useful in equal measure but if you flex more to one than the other its about finding out how to meet in the middle. Opening a business is a lot of winging it but having an organised wing it list is helpful to. I flit between the two, sometimes I’m thinking about so much the list goes out the window and 2 days later I’m in a pickle. That’s where the great Eco-Wrap team come into play.

  • If you’re not sure or on the fence about something? DO IT!! Remember businesses weren’t made from sitting on the side lines watching on, its RISK TAKING. Sometimes we fail but if you review and learn from this you can go onto reach new heights you never knew before. I've taken a lot of risks, from purchasing new machinery, office space, not paying myself and doing trade shows/Xmas markets.

  • Research every step you take – not once, twice but as many times as you can, read books, find online articles or podcasts. Seems like an obvious thing to do but we sometimes get lost in the bigger picture, but the detail is just as important. I am visual and like to link what I’m understanding to something, I tend to listen to audio books and podcasts and make notes/drawings all over the office to jog my memory.

  • Be prepared some bits are painfully BORING! Somethings in business we must do but for some they can be super boring, whether its paperwork, accounting or H&S! Do the bits that you find boring first. Then it’s done and doesn’t end up one THE LIST (the one that has the same things on, and you just change the date in the hope you will get it done).

Its also good to remember that we all start somewhere but if you have the vision and the drive to achieve you'll end up with the end goal you had in mind when you started. I remember doing my first Xmas market and it was interesting (ill leave it there) but then over time the expansion and consistent review of Eco-Wrap meant new shows looked a lot more professional and more what I had in mind when I first started.

If you have or had a small business start up drop us a comment with what you found really useful and things you found challenging.

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